Foreclosures fell to an eight-year low in San Diego County in 2014. Last year, lenders repossessed 1,666 properties in San Diego County, a 31 percent drop from 2013. The number of foreclosures in 2014 was the lowest since 2006. Last month, lenders foreclosed on 137 properties in the county, 12 more than they did in November. In December 2013, there were 136 foreclosures in the county. Default notices, which trigger the foreclosure process after 90 days of missed payments, fell to their lowest level since 2005. Last year, lenders issued 5,191 notices of default, down from 6,300 in 2013. It was the lowest number of notices issued since 2005. In December, lenders filed 435 default notices, up from 335 in November. Default notices were up 12 percent from the 387 in December 2013.