Based on an article published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, titled “Understanding the Solar Home Price Premium: Electricity Generation and ‘Green’ Social Status,” there is hard evidence that adding solar to a house will add value. The study found that houses sold in the mid-$500,000 range added a $20,194 premium to the sales price. The average cost for a solar system is $35,967, but the effective price to homeowners with subsidies including the federal tax credit is $20,892. Thus, homeowners appear to recover approximately 97% of their investment costs that is in addition to the savings associated with reduced energy bills. Adding solar is a "no-brainer" if your energy bill is in excess of $250/month and if your home qualifies. Some homes do not get enough direct sunlight, so solar is not an option and other home are just too small to accomodate enough panels. I recently added solar to my home and I feel it is one of the best upgrades I have made. With energy price slated to increase you may also want to consider adding solar to your home. The initial investment is somewhat high, but the long term gains are well worth it.